Elementary Student Dress Code



 MUSD Elementary Dress Code



Student Dress Code Information

The school district has the responsibility to promote the basic rules of sanitation, safety, neatness, and modesty while on campus. Students should dress in a manner that, in addition to the following guidelines, takes into consideration the educational environment, safety, health, and welfare of self and others. Students will not dress in a manner that disrupts the learning process. Each student must keep in mind that he/she is a representative of the Maricopa Unified School District and the Maricopa community. The school administrator makes final determinations on school appropriate attire. The following is a summary and will provide you with guidelines.


Dress Code Guidelines

Any sleeved shirt that is school appropriate and does not interfere with the educational


Dresses, shorts, skorts, pants, capri pants and jeans must be clean, neat, and fit


All skorts, shorts, dresses, skirts must be at least fingertip length when arms are resting naturally at the side

For safety reasons, shoes must be securely fastened in the back

Shoes with heels less than two inches

For safety reasons, all hanging or loop earrings shorter than ½ inch


Dress Not Permitted

Sleeveless shirts (tank tops and spaghetti strap tops)

Tights worn alone are not permitted

Tight, baggy, oversized, undersized or see-through clothing is not acceptable

No undergarments may show

Flip flops or slip on shoes without a back

No wheels allowed (heelies)

No hats, hoods, or sunglasses are permitted in the building

Fads or styles deemed inappropriate or disruptive to instruction by the administration


We are always looking for donations of school appropriate clothing. 

Any new or used donations are greatly appreciated!